Mount Damavand Trek

This article is an itinerary.

The Mount Damavand Trek is in Iran.


Mount Damavand is approximately 2.5 hours from Tehran by vehicle. It is 5671m high. There are a large number of route with 4 of them being most commonly used. The most common route is from the South. The mountain can be climbed all year round with most people climbing in the summer. One can go up by skies in the winter and spring.


The mountain is typically climbed in two main stages with variable amounts of time for acclimatization between them. See altitude sickness.

Leaving from the town at 2000m one can often drive up to 3000m. From there one can hike to a hut at 4200m.

If not acclimatized one may spend a few nights at this elevation.

The summit day leaves from 4200m to 5671m. At the summit there is a volcanic vent.

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