Mount Bachelor

Mount Bachelor


There are many things to do at Mount Bachelor. It all depends on the season. If it is the summer you can go see the sights of the Mountain by taking chairlift rides up the mountain. Winter time is when the mountain is at its peak. During this time, you can ski or snowboard on one of the best resorts in the nation. The mountain usually opens around Thanksgiving, but it all depends on the weather and usually closes its season around the end of April, pending how much snow it has. The price for a daily lift ticket varies depending on the time of year. Here is a lay out and the high and low prices:

There are many other things you can do at Mt. Bachelor. The mountain offers a lot of cross country skiing trails, along with snowshoeing, and many snowmobile trails are in the area.

Mt. Bachelor also offers many fun events during the year, including:


On the mountain, Mount Bachelor offers three lodges all which provide food, also allows people to bring their own food. West Village lodge is the main lodge of the mountain and the only place you can purchase your lift ticket. There is also the Pine Marten lodge at the top of Pine Marten express and then Sunrise lodge.


Although Bachelor doesn't have any places to stay on the mountain there are many places to stay in the area. The two that most people stay at are Bend which is a half hour drive away and also Sunriver which is a twenty-minute drive. If you are looking for a place with more things to do at night like malls and restaurant then Bend would be the better choice. But if you are looking for a cabin to stay in then Sunriver is a better choice.

Stay safe

If you are planning a hike or skiing adventure into areas less travelled it is advised to take a Personal Location Transponder. If you should become lost, injured, or trapped this device will help emergency crews to locate you quickly via a GPS signal. The technology can now locate you to within 10 feet of your actual placement. A great accessory for snow enthusiaists in avalanche zones. Always get weather reports for the area prior to travelling.

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