Mount Abu

Mount Abu is the only hill station in Rajasthan, situated very close to the Rajasthan-Gujarat border, in the Aravali hills. The mountain forms a distinct rocky plateau 22km long by 9km wide.

Mount Abu



The end of the monsoon season is the best time to go to Mount Abu. After the rainy season the complete beauty of this place can be experienced due to the lush green surroundings. Make a point to carry warm clothes when you visit in this season as it gets a bit cold in the night.

By rail

Mount Abu is a part of the Sirohi district of Rajasthan. The nearest railhead is Abu Road, about 25km away, in the lowlands. Abu Road is on the railway line from Ahmedabad to Marwar Junction (onwards to Jaipur and Delhi or Jodhpur).

At Abu Road railway station, car-taxis and cabs are available as well as state transport and private buses to take you to Mt Abu. Most of these don't operate in the evenings due to local problems and this creates difficulty in finding transportation. Try to avoid travelling in the evenings.

By bus

There are daily bus services available to Mount Abu from cities like Jodhpur, Jaipur, Udaipur, Baroda and Ahmedabad.

By motorbike

Car hire

You can rent a car for c. ₹1,000 per day which should get you to most of the tourist sights.


Nakki Lake


Enjoy the beauty of nature, spiritual university, and temples.


Mount Abu is a very good place for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. There are lush restaurants like Mulbery in the Hotel Hilltone, Restaurant at Hotel Hillock and in the Market Area. You can enjoy your food at Hotel Shere-e-Punjab - A Dhhabba Type hotel famous for its mouth watering chicken Kadhai,Dhaba Gosht, Chicken lollypop, Chicken 65 etc.

"Honest Restaurant" is a new addition in Mount Abu and its located near Nakki Lake. If you want really delicious and quality food then its a place for you to eat.

There are many ice cream shops near Nakki Lake, they provide a wide variety of delicious ice creams. If you are in Mount Abu then these ice creams are must try.

There are some Roadside Laaris who also serve tasty Food but, they don't serve very Hygienic food.

You can have a good variety of all types of Pans at the Pan Shops across the hill station.


There are huge options for restaurants in which you take your bottles and relax with your drink. You can also order your meal there. It is nice place where you can drink and eat. There are three or four more restaurants which offer such a service. There are two liquor shops in the main market near the Eiffel Tower.


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