Motala is a town in Sweden. It is in the northern part of the Götaland region in the Östergötland county. It has about 50,000 inhabitants.


Motala is situated on the East shores of Lake Vättern by the river Motala Stream (Motala ström) and Göta Canal.

Recent archeological excavations show that a stone age settlement was situated by Motala ström several thousand years ago. During the 13th century, the Motala Church was built on the North side of the river, probably on a heathen ceremonial and religious site. Although a long time settlement, Motala didn't obtain its town rights until the late 19th century.

The Motala Works (Motala Verkstad) was founded in the early 19th century and was Sweden's first mechanical industry. During a period of 22 years, Göta Canal was dug from the Baltic Sea to the North Sea. Motala is situated in the geographical middle of the canal and soon became the site of the canal company's head office.

During the 1920's, Motala became important in the progress of the Swedish radio network. The largest broadcasting station was situated at Motala. All transmissions started with the announcement "Stockholm-Motala", which soon became a well-known saying among Swedes.

In Motala the Göta Canal starts, connecting lake Vättern with the East Coast. Along the Canal lies Bergs slussar, where there are a large number of old locks that are worth a visit.

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The Motala train station is linked with Mjölby in the South and Hallsberg in the North. From Hallsberg, you reach both Stockholm and Gothenburg. From Mjölby, you reach Malmö/Copenhagen.

By bus

Buses leave from the Bussterminalen (Bus terminal) close to the Main Square.

It's not possible to pay cash for a ticket on the bus. You can get ticket in Quickomats and some stores. It's also possible to buy an SMS-ticket, information how to do that can be found at . The ticket is valid for a limited time so you can use the same ticket for more than 1 trip.

You can also buy a bus card. It is a magnetic strip card and you can load money in it. The advantage is that each trip fare is cheaper than the normal fare. You'll find more info about tickets and fares at

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Taxis are on the expensive side. The meter is used to control the cost but always make sure that this is set when commencing a journey.


Motala is a popular town for bicycling. In the harbour you can rent a bike.







Systembolaget is the state owned monopoly liquor store. This is where you go if you want to buy a bottle of wine or spirits or beer stronger than approx. 3% alocohol which you can find in supermarkets. There is one Systembolaget in Motala, close to the Main Square.

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