Mora (Sweden)

Mora is a city in the Dalarna province in Sweden. It is situated by the lake Siljan, the sixth largest lake in Sweden. The municipality of Mora has about 20.000 inhabitants.

Get in

The easiest way to reach Mora is by road or by train. It's about four hours from the capital Stockholm. Bus is in general the cheapest way of reaching Mora from other cities. The biggest intercity bus company is Swebus Express. Railway tickets can be bought at the website of the Swedish railway company SJ . Buses and trains both stop at the railway station which is a short walk from the city centre and the hotels there.

Mora Siljan Airport, six kilometers from Mora, has flights to Arlanda Airport in Stockholm all days except Saturday. Bookings at the airline Nextjet.

Get around

Mora is small enough to be explored on foot, however there is a local bus network handled by Dalatrafik. The price for a bus ticket is 17 SEK. If you drive a car, parking is free on many streets.

Taxis are pricey, as always in Sweden. Mora Taxi is reached on +46 250 15000.


Midsummer Dance, Anders Zorn

The Dalarna province is by many considered to be the very essence of Sweden, and Mora is a strong contributor to that fact. This is the home of the Dala Horse, the most famous Swedish souvenir there is.

Dala Horse workshops in Nusnäs:




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The area around Lake Siljan is truly beautiful and well worth exploring. Don't just hang out in Mora; visit Rättvik, Orsa and Tällberg as well.

Routes through Mora

Östersund Orsa  N  S  Karlstad Göteborg

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