Monticello (Illinois)

Monticello is a city in Central Illinois.



Monticello's first resident was George Haworth. Haworth came to the area in 1822 to serve as a U.S. liaison agent to local Native American tribes. Haworth did not remain, but in 1829, James A. Piatt purchased Haworth's small log cabin. Soon more settlers arrived.

In 1837, residents decided to form a new town which was christened Monticello – after the home of Thomas Jefferson. Monticello officially became a town on July 1, 1837. Townsfolk held a celebration on July 4.Monticello continued to grow as the population increased over the next decade.

A new county was established on Jan 27 1841: Piatt County - named in honor the first permanent settler, James A. Piatt. As it was the only town in the area at that time, Monticello was named the county seat. The county began legal functions on April 5, 1841 in the "Old Fort." In 1843, the first courthouse was built on land donated by William H. Piatt.

Monticello's star resident arrived in 1885. Dr. William B. Caldwell came to practice medicine in Monticello but his homemade mixture of senna and pepsin brought Monticello to a level of national prominence. The Pepsin Syrup Company was founded in 1893, and became the leading employer in the city for decades until its closure in 1985. (History from 1985 - now)

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Monticello is just off of Interstate 72 at the junction of CR-5 and IL-105. It is approximately 150 miles southwest of Chicago, 150 miles northeast of St. Louis, and 60 miles west of Springfield.


Monticello Railway Museum






Best Western Hotel - 101 N Market St, Monticello, IL - +1 217 762-5700

Best Western Monticello Gateway Inn - 805 Bensyl Dr, Monticello, IL - +1 217 762-9436

Foster Inn - 1414 N Market St, Monticello, IL - +1 217 762-9835

Monticello Best Western Gateway Inn - 805 Iron Horse Place, Monticello, IL - +1 217 762-9436


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