Montague Island

Montague Island

Montague Island is an island off the South Coast of New South Wales. It is known as a nesting ground for birds (including penguins) and as the home of a fur seal colony.

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Travel to the island is restricted to organised tours and there are no lodgings or facilities independent of the tours. Tours are guided by a National Parks and Wildlife ranger. You arrive by boat from Narooma (9 kilometers). Book a single day tour through Narooma Visitor Information Centre,  +61 2 4476 2881.

The bar exiting Narooma is the most dangerous in New South Wales, and it is not uncommon for boat journeys to Montague Island to be called off. Flexible plans will be helpful in eventually getting you there. Even when the tour does run, crossing the bar can be an exciting experience. Expect to have to wear a life jacket and remain seated for that part of the journey.



Seal colony


There are no independent restaurants or food outlets on the island. Meals will be provided as part of your tour.


The only drinking you'll be doing is over dinner at the keeper's lodgings.


Overnight stays on Montague Island are only organised as part of conversation volunteer trips. Volunteers stay in the lighthouse keeper's quarters for up to two nights. Conservation Volunteers Australia,  +61 3 5330 2600, e-mail: . Bookings include the boat trip, all meals and all tours. one night is $415 per person twin and $475 single, two nights is $550 per person twin and $670 single.

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