Mont Dore

Mont Dore is a town in France.

The Spa town, Mont Dore is situated in an ideal location for accessing the highest peaks in the Auvergne. Puy de Sancy, at 1886 m towering over the town, gives the illusion that you are in a much larger mountain range than actually is the case.

The hiking in the area is excellent, but not extensively varied - a good few days could be found with minimal effort and a week with a little consideration.


The summit is accessible by a cable car and a short ascent, but without snow, the area just below it is visibly heavily damaged by piste building, and the erosion from huge numbers of tourists. Despite this, the views are worth the trip.

If you are up to it, an excellent route to the top ascends from the "preserved valley" to the north east. The full circular route gives a full days hiking of about 14 km distance and 800 m ascent and descent. Free! (unless you take the cable car).


Rather a lot of pizza places, but one that stands out is Le Tsar in Rue Rigny. There is a bar with an enormous range of beers from all over the world, and a restaurant with a varied menu. Of note is the buffet des hors d'oeuvres which sits near the middle and rises out of its stand when the restaurant starts to get busy.


Le Tsar in Rue Rigny has a huge range of beers.


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