Kelimutu is a volcano on the island of Flores in Indonesia. It is a good base for a trip to the coloured craters of the volcano. There are three craters which are usually dark red, green and light green, but the colours are not fixed and depend on the activities of the volcano, so the colour changes from lighter or darker. Kawah Putih (White Crater) at Mount Patuha, West Java has only one lake, with light green to white colour.

Get in

Airplanes from Denpasar to Maumere and Ende are limited. The ticket price is more than Rp 1 million to more than Rp 2 million for one way trip.

Buses from Bajawa (7 hr, Rp 80,000) start at 6AM. Gunung Mas runs 12-seater "Travel Bus" from Ruteng to Kelimutu (continuing to Maumere) at 7AM and 1.30~2.PM. It takes 10 hr from Ruteng to Kelimutu (6 hours from Bajawa) and they will pick up from hotels by prior arrangement.

From Ende there are more options. Public cars (2 hr, Rp 40,000), Toyota Kijang are the normally the most comfortable option. Bemos (Rp 20,000) and buses (Rp 30,000) also ply the route in 2.5 hr. If you're feeling adventurous ojeks will take you there for Rp 100,000 letting you make your way in your own pace and stop for photos along the very scenic route.

From Maumere (3-4 hr) there is the same plethora of buses (Rp 30,000) and public cars (Rp 50,000), just ask at your hotel.

From Riung, the public bus to Ende (50 000) leaves at 6am and you can catch a bus to Kelimutu from there.

Get around

The ubiquitous ojek is never far away. Depending on your guesthouse's proximity to the national park, ojeks are between Rp 25,000-35,000 (1 way) for a ride up to see the sunrise at 4:30AM. It's best to walk back since it's a nice walk, and there's nothing worse than having an eager ojek driver pulling at you to leave the beautiful lakes just as the light is getting perfect for that moment.

You can rent a motorbike at many places around town for 100 000 for the day.



Not far from Kelimutu (about 5 km in the Ende direction), the big fruit and vegetable market is where the villagers sell the produce from their gardens. Everything is fresh, tasty and picked that very day.

Ikat sarongs and scarfs woven by the local women in the surrounding villages are easy to find. They come in 2 qualities, natural dye and chemical dye. If you don't know the difference, opt for the cheaper chemical dye.


Besides the guesthouses, there are several good restaurants around Kelimutu offering western and local menus. And of course a couple of warungs peddling the cheap and tasty Bakso and Soto Ayam.

Try the traditional Moni dinner offered by a young local called Ivan, the son of the owner of "Marias Inn" guesthouse - he will do vegetarian on request.


Accommodation in Kelimutu is plentiful, although fairly spread out over 2 km along the main road. Prices are per room, and all have private bathroom with western toilets. This lists the accommodation in the order you approach them when arriving from Ende.

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Buses and private/public cars pass through Kelimutu on their way to either Maumere (3 hr) or Ende (1.5-2.5 hr, from Rp 20,000, some continuing to Bajawa or Ruteng). Your hotel can arrange transport for you in the public cars, but the downside is that the car will save a seat for you from their start in Maumere/Ende, so you have to pay the price of the full route even though you only get on in Kelimutu. Given that enough people get off in Kelimutu, it is better to just stop flag a car/bus in Kelimutu when you are ready leave. It might take you an hour to do so, but there is also no guarantee that the car your hotel arrange for you will arrive at a specific time. This is Indonesia.

The cars licensed to carry public transport passengers are the ones with yellow license plates. (However, it seems everyone is willing to stop and let you on for a price).

Some hikers sometimes hike down from Kelimutu to Ende on foot and is not so difficult, because is hike down and the forest(s) is light.

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