Mojave is a city in Kern County in the Desert region of California.



 Climate Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Daily highs (°F) 57 60 66 71 81 90 96 96 88 78 65 56
Nightly lows (°F) 34 37 41 46 56 64 70 68 61 50 40 33
Precipitation (in) 1.2 1.5 1.0 0.2 0.1 0.0 0.3 0.3 0.1 0.4 0.6 0.9

   Data from NOAA (1981-2010)

Get in

California State Route 14 passes on the west side of Mojave, providing access to Mojave from the Antelope Valley to the south and US Highway 395 to the north. California State Route 58 loops around Mojave to the east and north, providing access from Bakersfield to the west and Barstow to the east. More distant cities include Los Angeles (95 miles south on SR-14), Las Vegas (225 miles east on SR-58), San Francisco (345 miles west on SR-58), and Reno (375 miles north on SR-14).

By taxi

Mojave itself has no local taxicab service, however those willing to pay a $25-$50 minimum can call for taxicab service from:

Get around

The town center section of Mojave is relatively small, and easily navigable by bicycle or foot. Automobile traffic is the most common, as sidewalks and bike lanes are not as common as in the average town. Also, several people use golf carts, 4-wheelers, and off-road motorbikes, as the nearby desert is an off-road motor sports haven.


Edwards Air Force Base

  1 S. Rosamond Blvd (Take the 14 south to Rosamond, then take Rosamond Blvd. east out of town and follow it directly to the base),  +1 661 277-3510.

Located south-east of Mojave, Edwards AFB is a massive testing and training ground for the Air Force and NASA. There is a museum on the base and tours are available. See the website for details. Note that this is an active military base so ID will be required and visitors may be required to submit to a search.

Edwards AFB is best known for being similar to Area 51, but usually most of the time, space shuttles land here at this air force base. And test and experimental aircraft, like a Boeing B-52 comes out of the hangar to experiment. Edwards AFB is a famous air force base.

This Air force base was built in 1933 and opened for use in 1948 for the US Military and formerly NACA, and in 1958, NACA has been changed to NASA. And once Edwards is a NASA Base. It was once a NASA and Military Air Force Base. During the early history before Edwards Air Force Base, There was a water stop in 1876 at Southern Pacific Railroad, and was unsettled. And today, Edwards AFB is in its space age, meaning that a lot of Space Shuttles have to land at Edwards AFB or the Kennedy Space Florida in Florida.

That is the only civilian getaway to enter the air force base, because it is on land, not by water. So, if you are driving from Rosamond, or driving on the Antelope Valley Freeway from Los Angeles, Mojave, or Palmdale, you shall take exit 55, and if from Palmdale, take a right, and if from Mojave, take a left. And leave Rosamond, and never take any turn and enter the base by a gate, and continue to enter the base. This is called the West Gate, If you are on Route 58, take Exit 186, then get on the road, and you will enter via the North Gate. South Gate is Lancaster but it is closed.

The main getaways to enter the base are Rosamond Blvd and the closed Lancaster Blvd entrance. There is also a housing area that is near, Edwards AFB, to get to there get on Lancaster Blvd, but not heading by the airfield. And get on Fitzgerald Blvd (named after John Fitzgerald Kennedy). And there will be a lot of houses in that area. Or, take left on Yeager Blvd, or Forbes Ave, or depending on which direction you are on Lancaster Blvd. And to get to air force base, take Yeager Blvd or Popson Ave.



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Routes through Mojave

Bishop via Inyokern  N  S  Rosamond Los Angeles
Bakersfield Tehachapi  W  E  Junction N S Barstow

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