Moa is a town in the Holguín Province in the eastern part of Cuba.


Moa is neither a fancy nor an in any way touristic town. It is mainly "famous" for its surrounding nickel mines, where many of the local people of Moa are employed. Most foreigners passing by or taking a stop at Moa are coming from or going to Baracoa.

Get in

There are shared taxis from Sagua de Tánamo for 30 CUP, which take about 30 minutes.

In addition, there is at least a daily bus from Baracoa for 2 CUC. The journey generally takes around 3 hours due to the bad road between both towns.

Get around

Walking is the best way to discover Moa. The well-known bici-taxis and regular taxis are however available as well.


There is not much to see in Moa, except for the surrounding nickel mines and the red dirt everywhere.




The usual kind of various street food stalls also exist in Moa.



Not many options exist for an overnight stop, so it might be better not to get stuck here.

Go next

At least one daily but packed and 3 hours journey bus runs between Baracoa and Moa (2 CUC).

You might have more luck regarding transport to and from Holguín.

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