Miyagi prefecture (宮城県 Miyagi-ken) is in the northeastern Tohoku region of the main Japanese island Honshu.

On 11th March 2011 the prefecture was hit by an earthquake with a 8.9 magnitude followed by a tsunami and several aftershocks. The Shinkansen connecting the capital, Sendai, with Tokyo resumed service on 25 April 2011. While areas along the coast are still heavily damaged, the rest of the prefecture is operating as usual.


Miyagi prefecture has nothing to do with Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid.


There is also a very beautiful sawtooth coast line.

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Zao's Okama Crater

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Sendai is the largest city in Tohoku and hence its main transportation hub.

By plane

Sendai's airport serves domestic and some international flights.

By train

The Tohoku Shinkansen connects Tokyo to Sendai and points north.



There are excellent sake brands, namely Urakasumi and Ichinokura, but there are also plenty of other sake brands.

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