Miura (三浦) is a city in Kanagawa, covering the southernmost part of the Miura Peninsula.


In Miura, some remains are excavated. For old row of houses along a city street, even the photography of the drama is often used. Miura is a country, and many fields is in Miura. These field is thing to make vegetables.

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By train

Take the Keihin-Kyūkō Line from Shinagawa to Misakiguchi (the terminus). The limited express takes about 75 minutes and costs ¥900.


The Miura Peninsula (三浦半島) extends like an appendage into Pacific, guarding the mouth of Tokyo Bay. While Yokosuka and Kamakura lie on either side of the base of the peninsula, the lower region has numerous small towns and beaches on the coastline.


In Miura Beach (三浦海岸) , people are able to swim in the summer season. This beach is a popular spot during summer. This beach is often used for fishing. In the summer season, seaside clubhouses are built at the beach. These houses sell many types of food, and summer goods.


There are many specialties in Miura. These are very delicious.


Since there are no drinking bars in Miura city, use one of the millions of juice-vending machines for a nice, cold drink.


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