Miskolc, with population of about 180,000 is the third largest city in Hungary, located in the north-east of the country, east of Bükk mountains.


Miskolc - the Capital of Northern Hungary

Miskolc used to be one of the centres of heavy industry in 20th century. Today Miskolc is the regional centre of Northern Hungary. The city is surrounded by the beautiful Bükk Mountains. The most famous tourist attractions are outside the city, but one can find things worth visiting in downtown, too.

A quiet suburb of Miskolctapolca, most famous for its cave bath (Barlangfürdő), provides unique cave thermal spa. Bánkút is a popular ski resort.

Get in

By plane

Miskolc doesn't have an international airport; the nearest ones are in Košice (Slovakia), Budapest and Debrecen.

By bus

By train

Tiszai Railway Station

By car

Miskolc can be reached from the West on Highway M3, which recently reached the city. The highway connecting Miskolc with Debrecen has also been finished. You have to pay a toll/fee if you want to drive on a highway, which consists of going into any gas or petrol station and purchasing a sticker for your car windshield BEFORE you drive on the road.

If you come by car you may expect some trouble with navigation. There is really only one way to get into the village, and it goes through Miskolc, which is not famous for having good road signs. If you are very careful and have at least 2 spare eyes to read the signs, you may well succeed. Or simply ask locals for directions if you feel lost. The spa is about 3 miles south of Miskolc city center, west of the main road.

Get around

By bus

If you need info on bus lines, go to the mass transport company's site and click on "Menetrend". At "Viszonylat" choose the number of the bus to see the time tables. (1V and 2V are the tram lines.)

Bus lines important for tourists include:


Miskolc tram on the Main street

You can buy bus tickets on the station (or on the bus for a somewhat bigger price and the driver won't have change, you have to pay the exact amount. Generally it's not recommended), also can buy bus tickets at news stands. Bus tickets are HUF 300 (or HUF400 if you buy it on the bus), ten tickets ("gyűjtőjegy") are HUF 2800.(Jan 2013)

You can buy Miskolc Pass Tourist Card online or at the hotels. If you have you can travel for free on local buses and trams, and one time on the forest train.

Tickets are the same for bus and tram. General & tourist tickets are not valid on Bus 7 after it leaves Miskolc (Bus 7 is the only city bus that leaves Miskolc; it goes to the nearby town Felsőzsolca.) - Penalty if you don't have valid ticket: HUF3000 if you pay immediately, HUF6000 if you don't have money with you and have to pay later.

Buses usually open the first door only because it is part of the driver's job to check if everyone has tickets. They open the other doors only if someone wants to leave the bus at that door, and if you get on the bus through those doors, the driver might ask you through the loudspeaker to show your ticket.

By tram

There are only two tram lines, 1 & 2. The end station to both of them is at Tiszai station. Tram line 1 goes to Felső-Majláth. Tram no.1 is the good one to reach the castle of Diosgyor, take off when you can see it on your left hand side. Tram line 2 goes to the metal factory. Be sure to leave Tram 2 at latest at Újgyőri főtér' and change trams if you want to go to Diósgyőr.

By car

Foreigners sometimes find it hard to find their way in the city. City maps are sold in every bookstore and at some newsstands. There are some road signs, but not too many. In the individual parts of the city parking areas are divided to designated parking zones. The maximum parking time in Green /Yellow / Blue zone: 2 /3 / 4 hours the fees are HUF340/220/150 per hour. - There is two underground car park is at Patak Street and at Európa Square (charge HUF200 per hour, 2014)

By taxi

Moving around by taxi in Miskolc is an easy way to explore the city or get to your destination. Cabs are not hard to find, especially in the downtown area or around the busy tourist attractions. Prices vary by company, but they average around from $1.50 - $2.00 per km that adds up to the basic fee of $1.50 - $2.00 per ride. Most dispatchers should talk English or German and possibly French, in addition to Hungarian Magyar.

On foot

Probably the best way to see the spa is on foot.

This is recommended for the downtown only. Many of the tourist attractions are quite far from the city centre.

Széchenyi Street is mostly a pedestrian precinct, the tram lines go along it, but cars use it only occasionally.

Tourist information centres

The Barlangfürdő - inside



Houses of worship

All Saints Parish Church
The Great Iconostasis in the Greek Orthodox Church, Miskolc
Protestant Wooden Church
Minorita Assumption Church
Lutheran parish church in Miskolc from Avas Hill
The name of the Virgin Mary Catholic Church in Diósgyőr
Synagogue of Miskolc
Interior of the Greek Catholic Church on Búza square


Central Building of the Ottó Herman Museum

The beautiful pieces of the collection “Minerals of the Carpathians” was selected from the second largest Hungarian mineralogical collection. Our regular and periodical programmes are held in a conference room for 80 persons, in a projector room for 40 persons and a seminar-room for 15 persons and are assisted by a separate museum educational facility. 1400 HUF If you have Miskolc Pass Tourist Card: free.


Avas Observation Tower, a symbol of the City
Aerial view of the ruins of the castle
Diósgyőr castle after restoration


Entrance to the Cave Bath

It takes about 30 mn by bus from 'Buza ter' to get to Tapolca.

Further afield

Aggtelek. Part of the UNESCO World Heritage List


Miskolc National Theatre

Festivals, Events




During the late 1990s–early 2000s several bigger and smaller shopping malls were opened in Miskolc (and because of them, many small shops disappeared because couldn't keep up with them.)

Szinvapark shopping center

Two smaller malls are Batóház and Metropol, opposite to Centrum.





Vigadó restaurant, National level protected monument

There are many smaller shops, Chinese restaurants with cheap food.



Enjoy wine in some of the restaurants in Avas hill.


University of Miskolc in University Town



There are free Wifi hotspots at Heroe's square and Szinva terrace as well as at some other places like Szinvapark and Miskolc Plaza (Mall) From June of 2015 you can use free Wifi on the new trams, too.

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