Misiones is in the Mesopotamia region of Argentina.


Misiones belongs to the Mesopotamia: the humid and verdant area of north-east Argentina, comprising. The landscape and its characteristics are dominated by two rivers, the Paraná River and the Uruguay River. The region is part of the Brazilian central plateau. The whole region has high rainfall, particularly in August and September, up to 2,000 mm annually. Misiones is largely covered by subtropical forest, with caiman, toucans and monkeys. Fast decomposition of organic matter gives the area a red soil with only a thin fertile layer that can easily be washed away.


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The province has 2 main roads, one that goes along the parana River (National Road 12) and the other one that goes along the center of the province (National Road 14). Most of the traffic occurs on the Road 12 and there are constant bus services that join all the cities. The 300 km between Puerto Iguazu and Posadas can be done in 6 hours in bus or 4 hours by car. The services to other points of the province are not so often.


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Regional Food Site: Sabor Misionero


Mate relates to sharing moment with family and friends. That is why accepting a mate is a signal of friendship and education. In Misiones it replaces coffee, which is drank just by few people.

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