Misasa is a town of about 7,000 in the Tottori region, known for its radium rich hot springs.


The content of radioactive element radon, a gasseous decay daughter of radium, is exceptionally high in Misasa spring water, one of the highest in natural waters worldwide. The locals are very proud of special properties of their springs, and attribute the water healing powers as an effect or radiation hormesis. Each August the town organizes festivals in honour of Marie Curie, the discoverer of radium.

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There are no train stations in Misasa however, it is easily reachable via bus from Kurayoshi. Buses depart for Misasa Onsen from Kurayoshi Station. From Misasa Onsen there are buses to Mitokusan. Some buses go directly to Mitokusan from Kurayoshi Station.

There are a few buses that depart for Misasa Onsen from Osaka (Bentencho and Shin-Osaka) and Kobe (Sannomiya Bus Terminal).


Mitokusan Nageiredo


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