Miryang (밀양시) is a city in South Gyeongsang (Gyeongsangnam-do), in South Korea.


Miryang River
Location of Miryang

Miryang is a pleasant country town north of Busan surrounded my mountains and valleys. The area is a popular summer destination for Busan residents looking to escape the coastal heat and humidity.

It is known as a popular location for the Korean film industry, and is the setting for the award winning film 'Secret Sunshine' which won the Cannes 2007 prize for 'Best Actress' (The town's name Miryang actually means 'Secret Sunshine').

 Climate Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Daily highs (°C) 9.3 10.6 15.8 22.1 27.6 28.6 31.3 29.2 28.1 22.5 16.4 7.1
Nightly lows (°C) -5.6 -1.1 2.6 7.3 11.8 18.2 21.6 21.1 16.4 9.9 3.0 -5.0
Precipitation (mm) 6.0 15.2 115.9 75.0 57.8 71.8 138.3 528.7 58.7 87.0 42.5 15.7

Source: 2014 Korea Meteorological Administration

Get in

By train

Miryang Train Station

  Miryang Station is on the Seoul-Busan express KTX line. Seoul Station to Miryang is 2 hours and 30 minutes. Busan Station to Miryang is 35 minutes.

If you are leaving from Haeundae, Busan, then it is more convenient to use a slower (although infrequent) direct train from Haeundae train station (next to Haeundae subway) to Miryang that takes one hour.

The train station is far from the city center, so a taxi or local bus is required to get there.

By bus

Miryang has an   intercity bus station with connections to major South Korean cities. An express bus to/from Busan leaves every hour during the day and takes one hour to Seobu bus station in Busan. The fare is ₩5,000. The bus station is still fairly far from the city center, so a taxi or local bus is required to get there.

By plane

Busan's Gimhae International Airport is the nearest airport. Take the monorail to Busan's Seobu bus station to take a bus into Miryang. Otherwise from Incheon International Airport there is a high speed KTX directly to Miryang (Busan line). You can also take the A'rex train to Seoul Station for more frequent KTX services.

Get around

Miryang local bus

It should be noted that both the train station and the bus station are not within walking distance of the city center. A taxi or local bus would be the best way to get there.


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Routes through Miryang

Dong-daegu  N  S  Gupo Busan
Dong-daegu  N  w  Masan

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