Mir is a town in the Kareličy region of Grodno Oblast in Belarus. Prior to the 2nd World War it was known as an international centre of Jewish learning (Mir yeshiva).

Mir Castle

Get in

The place has no railway station, so you will have to look for a bus from Minsk.

Get around

Mir is a rather small town and it will take you about 10-15 minutes to walk to the Mir Castle from the middle of the town where the bus stop is located. The bus stop is in Market Square - where the local market, a bank and a hotel can be found.


Saint Nicolas' Church


Not far from the castle - at the parking lot - there are several souvenir kiosks with hand-made pottery and wood products. The vendors show prices on a calculator.


Within a walking distance from the castle there is a Mirum Cafe with good cuisine and modern design. Beside the red St. Nicolas Church there is another restaurant, but the interior is rather shabby. Inside Mir Castle itself, on the ground floor, there is a cafe called Mir Castle that serves national cuisine.


There are at least two hotel staying options in Mir. One of them is in the basement of the castle - a three-star hotel complex that includes a superb restaurant. A more budget option that would fit an individual traveler is located in the center of Mir, near the bus station. Since this is a province hotel that is state-owned it has no web-site.

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Nesvizh, only around 27km away, is home to another UNESCO World Heritage site.

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