Minho is a region of Northern Portugal. On the northernmost Atlantic tip of the country, Minho borders the Spanish region of Galiza, sharing with it many affinities in geography, tradition, people and language. There are however two Minhos, the Alto Minho and the Baixo Minho, being the first one characterized by the folk dance and vivid green.


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Although some 20% of the Portuguese territory is under some type of ecological protection reserve, Minho features the country's only National Park - Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês - covering some 72.000 ha.


Portuguese, Galician, English.

Get in

The major cities are reachable by train or bus and also served by modern highways. From there it is possible to explore the smaller towns using the local transportation system (bus) or by renting a car.

Get around

Train (linha do Minho: Porto-Valenca); Ramal de Braga.


The annual Fair at Viana do Castelo, in the third week of August - Nossa Senhora da Agonia - renowned for the impressive display of folk art and traditional clothes.


Braga/Guimaraes Braga/Barcelos/Esposende/Viana do Castelo/Caminha Braga/Terras de Bouro/Parque nacional da Peneda-Gerez.



Renowned for its uniqueness, Green Wine(vinho verde) is only produced in the Minho region, supporting fully the regions gastronomical treasures, some of the most representative of the country.


Stay safe

Because Minho it's not a mass touristic destination such as Algarve or Porto, the chances of you being robbed are few. But of course, one should always pay attention.

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Porto, Amarante, V.Real, Douro, Lamego, Chaves.

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