Mindoro Island is an unspoiled island that's within easy reach from Manila, Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro is a popular tourist destination with many beach and entertainment facilities.


Mindoro has two administrative halves. The north-east part is called Oriental Mindoro; the south-west part is called Occidental Mindoro.

All towns of any significance are at or near the coast. On Oriental Mindoro you find, driving from the far north-west to the deep south-east, the following towns:

Puerto Galera; San Teodoro; Baco; Calapan; Naujan; Victoria; Socorro (of the road: Pola); Pinamalayan; Roxas; Mansalay; Bulalacao. After Bulalacao the road continues to Occidental Mindoro where San Jose is the main town.

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The island of Mindoro is accessed by ship from either Batangas to Calapan and Puerto Galera or from Caticlan (Aklan) to Roxas (Oriental Mindoro). Fares in 2010 range from about PHP160 to PHP280. There is also an irregular shipping service between San Jose (Occidental Mindoro) and the northern islands of Palawan.

There are also regular flights from Manila to San Jose (Occidental Mindoro) with Cebu Pacific.

The shipping service from Batangas is Ro-Ro (about 3 hours) or fast ferry (about 1.5 hours) with at least one service departing about hour, 24/7. From Caticlan, there is only a Ro-Ro service to Roxas.

The bus from Manila to Batangas takes about 2 hours with a fare in 2010 being about PHP180.

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