Herkimer is a city in Central New York. This article also covers the nearby villages of Mohawk, Ilion, Frankfort, and Middleville.

A Herkimer "diamond"


Herkimer is the county seat of Herkimer County. The Herkimer area is known for "Herkimer diamonds", double-sided quartz crystals of high clarity that resemble diamonds.

Get in

By car

The easiest way to access Herkimer is by car. Herkimer is located directly off of Exit 30 of the New York State Thruway (I-90). Take a right to go to Herkimer, and a left to go to Mohawk.

By train

The nearest Amtrak station is about 15 miles away in Utica, NY. There are no public transportation offerings from the station to Herkimer, so if traveling by train make sure to either arrange for a ride prior to departure, or call ahead for a taxi. From Utica there are daily arrivals and departures to New York City, Boston, Toronto, Albany, and other Northeastern locales.

By bike

Herkimer and Mohawk are located on the New York State Canal Trail, making it easy for bikers who are traveling along the canal to stop there. From the trail take a left upon reaching the MOVAC Ambulance Service garage onto NYS Route 5-S and take a left onto Main Street.

By plane

The nearest airports are Hancock International Airport in Syracuse and Albany International Airport in Albany. Both of these airports offer flights to destinations throughout the country including New York City, Chicago, Charlotte, Cleveland, and Las Vegas.

Get around

Herkimer and the surrounding area is best traversed by car. Herkimer and Mohawk are connected directly to the NYS Canal Trail, making it easy to go for a ride along the canal and to other communities beyond, such as Utica and Little Falls. Be advised though that the trail is not yet complete and only goes in an Eastern direction, meaning that in order to bike further west, especially to Utica, will require riding on the roads.


Herkimer County Courthouse


Herkimer County Jail (no longer in use as such and open for tours)




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Routes through Herkimer

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