Mid West (Western Australia)

The diverse Mid West region covers almost 470,000 square kilometres of central Western Australia. It borders the Gascoyne to the Northwest, the Pilbara to the North, the Goldfields region to the East and Southeast, the Wheatbelt to the South and the Indian Ocean to the West.


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By car

If you are planning on getting around the Mid West you will need to know a few road rules and safety tips. It is important to follow these rules at all times as the Western Australia Police employ the use of radar and other speed monitoring devices. All fines are enforceable for residents, as well as visitors.

U-Turns are not permitted at traffic lights unless there is a displayed 'U-turn permitted' sign, public bus always has the right away, and you can only drive for a period of one year with an out-of-state license.

There are several locations to hire a car while traveling around Australia. In the Geraldton airport alone there are quite a number of car rental locations.

Major metropolitan roads have a speed limit of 60 kilometres per hour while suburban streets are limited to 50 kilometres per hour.

Stay safe

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