Mestre is a city in Italy, next to Venice.

Get in

To travel to Mestre you can fly to two different airports. Marco Polo in Venice is the closest, about 20 minutes from the train station in Mestre and you can take the ATVO flybus or line 5 every 10 minutes or so. Treviso airport is also nearby, approximately 50 minutes by bus.

Get around

Mestre's town center is pedestrianised and is therefore difficult to navigate in a car. There are bus links to all the local attractions and everything is within walking distance.

There are many well maintained bike lanes throughout Mestre


Mestre has several sights in the main piazza, Piazza Ferretto. There is a watchtower at the top of the piazza, and be sure to check out Teatro Toniolo, which is a beautiful theater.

Piazza Ferretto is a typically Italian piazza, with a modern water feature at the center and lots of different eateries with outside seating. It is also full of top end designer stores.

There are two local parks in Mestre which are worth visiting. The first is Parco San Giulliano, which is often used for outdoor concerts in the summer. Parco San Giulliano has a remarkable and unique view of Venice lagoon as it borders the Ponte della Liberta', which joins the Venetian islands with the mainland.

Parco Bissuola is another local park, offering good sport facilities and an outdoor pool.

Mestre is a very charming city, with its canal snaking across the center. There are plenty of gorgeous little streets to explore along the way.


Stretch your legs at the two main parks, Parco San Giulliano and Parco Bissuola. Each has good sport facilities, such as outdoor pools, basketball courts, skate rinks and running tracks. For those with children, there are play parks dotted around the city. There is also a mini train for children near the Le Barche shopping center.


Mestre has various different markets throughout the week, including ones specialising in fresh fruit and vegetables, clothes and even art.

Max out your credit card at one of the many designer stores in Mestre. There also is a very modern shopping center called 'Le Barche'.


There are lots of different restaurants and cafes throughout Mestre which have guaranteed good meals out.

Mestre is full of small family owned pasticcerie. In Piazza Ferretto, you can buy little miniature deserts, called mignon, which are delicious. Tramezzini — similar to sandwiches — are also very popular, There are places where you can chose from more than 30 different types. Brioche, with your morning espresso, is another staple found in Mestre. The pizza is typically Italian, thin and delicious. Being on the coast, fish is another important part of Mestre cuisine and there are always plenty to choose from in any restaurant (beware they sell fish by the weight, so in the menu if it says €5 for bass then that may mean for 100 grams, and end up costing near €30!).

Cake shops


Aperol is the liquor of choice. Orange-flavored, it is very popular in the form of a spritz, with prosecco and sparkling water added. Also coffee is typically Italian, strong and delicious.




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In Mestre there are some night clubs: Molocinque at Marghera is the most popular (and, obviously the most expensive), Cielo at Tessera (next to the airport) is another club that warrants a visit.

Around the Venetian lagoon are other smaller islands, which have since been deserted but are worth a visit. There is also the Lido, which is a long narrow island with more modern buildings, hosting a youth hostel and a hotel.

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