Meroë is an ancient city along the eastern bank of the Nile River in Northern Sudan, approximately 200 km (120 mi) northeast of Khartoum. The site is home to more than 200 Nubian pyramids in three separate groups.

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By road

Meroë is readily reached from Khartoum by road. All buses from Khartoum-Atbara and Shendi-Atbara will pass the pyramids and they're not hard to miss. Just ask to get off at Bajarawiya (small town adjacent to Meroë).

By air

The nearest airport is in Shendi, roughly 45 km (30 mi) to the southwest. Shendi airport has no regular, commercial flights but charter flights may be organized to this airport from Khartoum. But since Meroë is easy to reach from Khartoum by road, this option is mainly for persons will little time and/or deep pockets. If you are paying for a charter flight, you should ask the pilot to fly over Meroë, providing scenic aerial views which may justify the expense.

Get around

The best way to get around in Meroe ( and most of africa!) is by car. The best way to get there is to fly to Khartoum and drive to Meroe


The most popular (and best probably) thing to see in Meroe is The pyramids of Meroe. There are three parts to the Pyramids of Meroe. 1. The south Cemetery features nine royal pyramids. Four of the pyramids belonged to Kings and five belonged to queens. One hundred and ninety-five other tombs complete the cemetery. 2. The north cemetery contains forty-one royal pyramids. Thirty belonged to kings, six to queens and five to other royals. The cemetery has three more non-royal tombs for a total of forty-four. 3. The west cemetery is a non-royal site. It contains some one hundred and thirteen tombs.


If you have your own tent & supplies, camping is permitted in the desert except within 100 m (300 ft) of any of the pyramids. It may be possible to find accommodation in one of the few tiny villages near the site, collectively called Bagrawiyah.

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