Menton is the "The Lemon Festival Capital of the World", located very close to the border of France and Italy and in many ways is more Italian than French. It has its own microclimate, generally milder than the rest of the French Riviera, and became in the late Nineteenth Century a place where Northern Europeans with TB came to either regain their health or to die. As a result its cemetery is filled with the graves of notable Englishmen, Germans, Russians. The old town is largely pedestrianised which adds to the charm of this sedate resort.

Get in

Menton has a curious one way system, it is probably a good idea to park near the port and not attempt to drive anywhere else. Although the climb up to the cemeteries is steep on foot it is considerably better than attempting to drive it.

Get around

Menton is reasonably compact and most points of interest are within walking distance.

Note that attractions such as the cemeteries and the churches are up steep hills and many steps however the views that can be gained are well worth the effort.

Being so close to the Italian border, one can literally walk to Italy. This is definitely more of a novelty than of use and trips in to Italy to the nearby towns or further afield should be made either by rail or by road.


Fettered wing.Jean-Yves Lechevallier, Palais Carnolès gardens



Flea market

In Ventimiglia (Italy), about 7–10 km east of Menton, a market is held every Friday which is located around the main park and the roads by the Mediterrean sea.


There are numerous good restaurants in the Old Town and down towards the port, which offer good value for money. Expect to pay €15-€20 for the cheapest three course meal set menu. Higher priced menus are, of course, also available.



Behind Menton in the village of Castillon is the "Mare Nostrum" microbrewery. A rather yuppie sort of place but the beer is very good.


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