Memmingen is a city of about 41,000 people in the German Federal State of Bavaria. The numerous courtyards, patricians' houses and fortification in its old town are well worth seeing. Due to its proximity to the Allgäu region it is also a popular base for tourists who are planning to visit the Bavarian Alps or Lake Constance.

The so called "Wine Market"


Memmingen is a small town with central functions in a rural area of Bavaria. Tourism was once widely limited to guests from places around. With the opening of the Allgäu Airport increasingly more international guests, discover the charm of the town which is conveniently located for trips to the tourism regions around as well as to the popular destinations Ulm, Augsburg and Munich.

Get in

Memmingen can be easily reached via car, train and plane.

By train

The railway station is about a 5minute walk away from the town center. There are luggage lockers next to the building. If all lockers are in use it is suggested to ask at the DB booking office for alternatives.

Remember there are special train tickets for Baden-Württemberg (Baden-Württemberg-Ticket) and Bavaria (Bayern-Ticket). With these ticket up to five people can use all regional trains for a whole day for about 21 - 38 € (all together). Both ticket types are valid for travelling to Memmingen. The Bayern-Ticket also covers the costs for the local public bus transport. More information about these tickets can be obtained from the Deutsche Bahn.

While Memmingen Airport grew to become a port of call for a variety of airlines, Ryanair still dominates it when it comes to the number of connections offered

By plane

The Allgäu Airport Memmingen (IATA: FMM) is located about 2.5 km from the city centre of Memmingen and primarily serves as a hub for no frills airlines. Ryanair serves the airport and offers flights from Alghero, Alicante, Dublin, Edinburgh, Faro, Girona, "London"-Stansted, Malaga, Manchester, Oslo (Moss-Rygge), Palma, Porto , Reus, Rome, "Stockholm"-Skavsta, Trapani and Valencia. Wizzair connects Memmingen with Kiev, Lviv and Belgrade. The airport is sometimes deceptively named to suggest it being closer to Munich than it actually is.

A public bus service in front of the terminal connects the airport with the train station in the centre of town. The bus ride with the bus lines 810/811 or 2 costs €3 and takes about 10 minutes. A taxi from the airport to the town will cost between €10 and €15.

By car

Memmingen is right at the intersection of the A7 (Hamburg - Hanover - Ulm - Memmingen Füssen) and A96 (to Austria and Munich) autobahns.

Get around

The town center is small enough to walk to all places of interest in the city. You can get a free map at the tourist office ("Stadtinformation") at the market square.

Going by bike is a fast way to get around in Memmingen. This way you get around independently from the rather poor public transport and moreover this way you might even visit some attractions in and around Memmingen which are not easy to reach by foot. Special signs for cyclists point the direction to regional bicycle routes. The Iller-Radweg is a long-distance route leading to Ulm in the north and to Oberstdorf in the south. The Kneipp-Radweg leads to the spas Bad Grönenbach and Bad Wörishofen. Bicycles can be hired at:

However, if you you plan to visit nearby attractions out of town taking a bus might be the right choice. The bus station is next to the train station. Tickets can be bought when entering the bus. Please check the return times in advance. After 7pm there is no regular bus service but a so called "Anrufsammeltaxi" (hailed shared taxi), where a telephone notification in advance is necessary. Connections for public transport (within Bavaria) can be looked up at For prices see this link.

If you choose to discover the countryside around Memmingen, smaller villages in the Allgäu region or if you want to follow the touristic route "Oberschwäbische Barockstraße" you may decide to hire a car. At the airport you will find the car hire agencies Sixt, Herz and Europcar. Another car hire service by Europcar is near the train station. A local car hire service called "Auto Greif" is located at Colmarerstr. 34.



Medieval old town

The medieval old town center consists of several attractions:

Municipal parks

Around the old town walls where the moats used to be in the Middle Ages public park areas have been created. The moats have been filled up with exception of the "hohe Wacht" in the south of the old town and a part of the "Königsgraben" south of the "Westertorplatz". One of the parks is the Zollergarten a short woalk north of the market place. In the north outside the old town there is a wider-ranging park named "Neue Welt". Although it is a 10-minute walk away from the center it is a popular place for relaxation. A beer garden, Kneipp facility, volleyball field, streetball court and a skate park are a part of it.

Municipal park "New World"




The major shopping street starts at the marketplace and leads directly to the Schrannenplatz.





For a pub crawl start your way at Lindentorstraße near the train station, head to the Schrannenplatz and then continue along the street Baumstraße. On your way you will find an amount of pubs and bars.





Post office

A post office in the inner city of Memmingen can be found at Lindentorstr. 22. Other post offices:

Internet access

There is an internet cafe Internet Café Unlimited at Kalchstr. 35. At some cafes such as Coffee Fellows and Cafê Rau you can get free access usin WLAN.

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Nearby attractions


Cities of touristic interest around Memmingen that can be reached easily by train or car:


Amusement parks

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