sand peaks of Melnik

Melnik is a city in Pirin Macedonia, in Bulgaria.

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Once a day there is bus to Sofia.

Get around

Probably the smallest town in Bulgaria. You can cross it in 15 minutes.


The Rozhen Monastery is 6km out of the town. The easiest way to reach the monastery is to drive or walk to the Rozhen village using the asphalted road. Although a bit harder to find and use, the direct track through the sand peaks offers very interesting views. Note that the track is not marked, you should better ask for guidance.

The clay ('mel') peaks that surround the town give it it's name.

The town has strictly kept the local architecture (unlike other provincial towns, such as Bansko).


Take a tour of some wine cellars.


Wine, and see of you can discover why it was one of Winston Churchill's favourites. Consider that the cheap wine sold on the streets is not of a great quality.

The only ATM in Melnik is located at an expensive hotel, close to the end of town before the dirt road splits (the end of town meaning if you walk uphill through the centre). You can see it from the road, as its on the outside of the hotel. It didn't work in August 2009, though.


Melnik has many taverns serving traditional Bulgarian meals.


Melnik wine is intended to be drunk while young, so try to find a tavern with a house wine.

There are plenty 'hole-in-the-wall' cellars that are literally holes in the Melnik clay, which acts to keep the temperature constant to aid in the wine making process. Here, you can taste the wine as it comes out the barrels.


Many of the traditional houses now double as accommodation, run by locals.

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