Melanesia is a region of Oceania.


Melanesia consists of the following small island nations:

Melanesia regions - Color-coded map
A major island tourist destination. Resorts, coral reefs and beaches.
New Caledonia (France)
France in the tropics but at twice the price. A short flight from Australia.
Solomon Islands
Site of major Second World War battles that involved, among others, JFK. Its main island is Guadalcanal.
Rewarding destination of very disparate islands with a relatively well-developed tourist infrastructure. As the New Hebrides, was a British-French Condominium until 1980.

And the tiny Australian territory of:

Norfolk Island (Australia)
A small island home to about 2,000 people.

The large nation of Papua New Guinea and its neighbor West Papua (Indonesia) are also usually considered part of Melanesia, both culturally and historically speaking, but are covered in separate articles.


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There are flights from Australia and New Zealand to Melanesian destinations. Fiji has some direct flights from Asia and North America too.


Canoeing in East Rennell

Each country and territory of Melanesia has exactly one world heritage site:

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