Mbeya is a city in southwestern Tanzania. It is the main transit point for connections to Malawi and Zambia, and the southern access point to Lake Tanganyika.

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The city center itself is compact, but taxis are a better bet to reach the train and bus stations, or after dark. Dalla-dallas also ply the roads, though they will be difficult to negotiate with luggage.


About 65km southwest of Mbeya down the Tunduma road is the Mbozi meteorite, one of the largest meteorites in the world. There is no charge to visit, but you will need your own transportation.


Mbeya is located at the foot of Loleza Peak and near Mbeya Peak. At 2656m and 2820m respectively, both can be fine day hikes, although an experienced guide should be hired. Guides can be found through many of the travel agencies or better hotels in town.

For those who are travelling through Africa by vehicle, there is a very good garage just out of town on the Zambia road at Mbalizi behind the hospital at Mbalizi vocational training centre, best mechanics in Tanzania according to locals from many towns other than Mbeya, near Utengule Coffee lodge.

Go to the beach! Find a driver, hire a car, or take a few local buses- just be ready for a longer trek. Matema Beach, before Kyela, rooms under $10, breakfast included, basic western bathrooms. Excellent beach and breathtaking views. More than worth the sweat to get there. Helpful staff. One of the best beaches on the mainland by far.


Jacaranda- ask for Goba, excellent hand made crafts and goods. Large table set up under the tree at the bottom of the street when you head down from Posta.

Eleganté super market- has everything one might need. It's located in the Camel oil petrol station at the first traffic light on the main road.

Mwenjelwa shopping centres- be bold and see what treasures you can find in the weaving back alleys.

Mbeya is as great as you make it.


Sombrero Hotel has nice restaurant cross the street from the hotel. There are also some reasonable restaurants along south end of Lupa Way, New Appricourt restaurant being one, just opposite to Gazelle safaris.



There are some guesthouses across from the bus station, convenient if you are heading to Malawi the next day. Avoid the travel agencies attached and ignore the many touts in the bus station, as many people have reported scams with transport, and do not trust the bus driver to give you the real destination, but ask other passengers instead.

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There are several bus ticket scams running out of Mbeya. The well established scam artists attempt to sell tickets into various cities in Malawi. They have various price sheets and other documentation. They will even make phone calls to verify there is availability on the bus. One group even has an office in the Malawi transportation/bus center. They will get the passengers on a dalla-dallas that will just let them off at the border where there is supposed another bus that is waiting. Of course, there isn't. Please note that as of April 2010 there are NO buses that go directly from Mbeya to Malawi. The buses only go to the border town of Kyela.

There is frequent local transport, both 30-seat "coaster" buses and dalla-dallas to Kyela. Double check that the driver can drop you off at the border ("boda-boda"). The border stop is only a 5-10 minute walk from the Songwe River bridge crossing into Malawi. Note that there are no services on the Malawi side of the border; have a few hundred kwacha on hand to secure transportation at least as far as Karonga. For Itungi and Lake Nyasa (Lake Malawi), you will need to ride all the way to Kyela and secure additional transport from there.

Local transport also runs to Tunduma on the Zambian border; onward transportation can be arranged on the Zambian side.

If Mbeya is your stop off on entering Tanzania on the way to Dar es Salaam, try to head for Iringa next, an easy 4-5 hour bus ride. The district capital, Iringa is a good base for exploring the highlands along the Tanzam road. Buses are also available to Songea to the southeast, Sumbawanga to the northwest, or Tabora to the north, for connections to Kigoma or Mwanza.

Peace of Mind, clean affordable rooms just down the hill from the city center

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