Mbaiki is the main city in the southern part of the Central African Republic.

Get in

Between Bangui and Mbaiki is the best road available in the Central African Republic. You have to pay a minor fee to use it, but you can consider yourself lucky to have a real piece of tarmac. There are plenty of potholes and do not use at night. It is about 120 kilometers. If you go by car, you can, but you need a fourwheel drive.

Get around

Before reaching you pass the village of Pissa, where you can take a rest. Better however continue to halfway Pissa - Mbaiki, because there are the beautiful falls of Mbeko. You can reach them after a nice walk in the rainforest.

Go next

South of Mbaiki you can visit pygmy villages. Bangui - Pissa = 80 km tarmac Pissa - Mbaiki = 30 km tarmac Mbaiki - Pygmee = 30 km dirt

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