Maumere is in Flores (Indonesia).

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Maumere is a small town both in geography and population.

The Wai Oti Airport (Indonesian: Bandar Udara Wai Oti) (IATA: MOF), also known as Maumere Airport, is 3 km out of town. An ojek from the airport to anywhere shouldn't be more than Rp 5,000. If you walk the 500 m to the main road there are plenty of bemos to take you into town, but it's doubful you will get that far before a reasonably priced private transport provider offers a low price you can't say no to.

Maumere is linked by air with regular flights to Kupang/Timor's El Tari Airport (IATA: KOE). and Denpasar's Ngurah Rai International Airport (IATA: DPS). 3 companies fly from here, Batavia, Lion Air and Merpati. All flights eventually end up in Bali, either via Kupang, Sumba or Labuanbajo, so together there is at least 1 flight every day to Bali. Tickets can be bought from any travel agent in town. The airlines have offices at the airport, but it's way out of town and only open around arrival/departure of the flights.


Pelni has ships to Makassar and Kupang every 2 weeks. The schedule keeps changing and even the local Pelni office has given up planning more than 2 weeks ahead. Tickets can be bought from the local Pelni office near the port on the road to Wailiti and Gading Beach Hotels.


Buses to Ende, stopping in Moni start from the west bus terminal a fair way out of town. Have your hotel arrange the transport for you, and they will come and pick you up. As always, the bus will circle the town until full. You can get as far as Bajawa in a single day, but that is a long 15 hr drive. Buses to Labuanbajo will stop in Bajawa for 1 night.

Buses from Moni to Ende sometimes stop in the centre of Maumere - not at the terminals - and some might even take you to your hotel, if you already know where you want to stay.

Get around

It seems everyone is an Ojek, and will take you anywhere for around Rp 5,000. Gading Beach Hotel 10 km from the centre will cost you 5,000 Rp. Bemos charge Rp 1,000 around town and Rp 3,000 outside.


There are rumours about caves and hot springs, but this remains to be seen. The beaches outside of town are nice enough to spend a day or two on, but it's better to simply choose one and stay there instead of the town.


Water sports


There are plenty of Warungs around the centre, offering all the usual suspects. Restaurants of the kind you would associate with candle light dinners does not exist. Outside the town you are at the mercy of the restaurants at your hotel, so check them out before checking in.


Maumere is a port town. Port town, means sailors, and sailors mean alcohol and prostitution. The Karaoke bars outside of town make up the venues that often combine the two. However, regardless of your intentions, there is much fun to have while loudly reading random Indonesian words from a TV monitor into a microphone while music is playing - also known as karaoke.


In town

East of town

Buses to Larantuka (Rp 5,000-10,000) or the omnipotent bemos (Rp 3,000-5,000) or Ojeks (5,000-30,000) will take you to any of these places. Just let the driver know which hotel you want. As always, bemos and buses circle the town picking up passengers, leaving only when full.

West of town


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A taxi to the airport costs 50 000 rupiah (a substantial increase to what it used to be recently). An ojek costs 10 000 and a bemo costs 4000 and may take you closer than the route actually goes. The domestic departure tax is 10 000.

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