Maslinica village situated in the bay west coast of the island of Solta. It's characterized by beautiful scenery, making it the picturesque cove and pinewood in the southern side and the immediate surroundings with deep, well-protected cove Šešulom and archipelago of seven islands.

The largest among them was raised in a V-VI centuries old Christian church with a monastery, of which up to now of remains. The natural meaning of Maslinica complete historical landscape architectural and environmental values ​​of baroque castle and picturesque vernacular houses.

Maslinica was made 1703rd When an aristocratic family Marchi asked from a Venetian governor approval for a new settlement and build a castle with towers for defense of frequent pirate attacks. The castle is now converted into an attractive and well-known restaurant "Conte Alberti".

Today Maslinica very attractive for tourists who want complete peace during day and night.

Castle Martinis Marchi

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Ferries and boats line do not come here, so it is connected with Split through Rogač.


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