Martínez (Argentina)

Martínez is a suburb of Buenos Aires, in Buenos Aires Province.



Its first settlers were the Guaraní Indians, whose main activity was agriculture along with hunting and fishing. The history of San Isidro begins in 1580 when Juan de Garay distributes the land located north of Santísima Trinidad, today known as the city of Buenos Aires. What was called “Pago of the Coast or Monte Grande” is today known as the San Isidro district. In his memoirs, Garay recalls that he crossed paths with a Spanish Captain, Domingo de Acassuso, who was quite a dim fellow and that promised to build a chapel in honor of San Isidro, and as a result becoming the main origin of the district. Today nothing remains of the first chapel constructed in 1707, but its location was respected and in its place stands the Cathedral of San Isidro. By the end of the XVIII century San Isidro was already important, its territory included the present districts of Vicente Lopez, San Fernando, part of 3 de Febrero and also Belgrano. In all these years, the land destined for farming happened to be the place of rest and leisure of the families of the Buenosairean aristocracy. Additionally, important residences surrounded by immense gardens were constructed that gave San Isidro that particular aspect that with time got to distinguish it.

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TREN DE LA COSTA This train, bordering the river banks, was the first train brought to Buenos Aires, by the British Railways. This line was cancelled about 30 years ago because it proved unprofitable. About 10 years ago a corporation bought the rights to work for a few years. They turned it into a kind of a tourist train between Olivos and Tigre, with 11 stops/stations in between. The old English style stations were refurbished and some made new.The old stations have a coffee shop and a small gift shop and in most cases a small kiosk that sells candy and cigarettes. It carries about 200 people per unit. Since it is an electric train that works with a overhead trolley, it is very silent.

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The “Tren de la Costa” (turistic-passenger train) travels across Martínez in the way from Olivos to Tigre. Mitre train, in Tigre’s branch, has it own station in Martínez and is the quickest way to go to downtown Buenos Aires and the “Delta”. The main avenues, Santa Fe and Del Libertador, are the axis in Northern Suburbs the way to get to Downtown if you travel by car or bus (connection with subway).

Tourist Information: Ituzaingo 608 (Esq. Av. of the Liberador) Phone.: 4512-3209/3262


• Strolls and traditions: Cathedral of San Isidro Av. of Liberador 16,200 Phone.: 4743-0291/4990. Schedule: Every day from 8:00 to 19:00 hs.

• Municipal Apple: a) Honorable Deliberative Council: 25 de Mayo 459 Phone.: 4512-3336 Schedule: from 8 to 14 hs. b) Theater of the Old Council: 9 de Julio 512 Phone.: 4512-3215

• Historical Museum Municipal Brigadier Gral. Juan Martín de Pueyrredón Rivera Indarte 48 Phone: 4512-3131 Schedule: Summer: Saturdays and 19 Sundays from 15 has. Rest of the year: Tuesday and 18 Thursdays from 8 hs. Saturdays and Sundays from 14 to 18. Guided visits: Saturdays and Sundays to 16. Free entry.

• Library Museum, Library and Historical File Municipal Av. Del Libertador 16362 Phone.: 4512-3282/3283 Schedule: Museum: Tuesday and 18 Thursdays from 8 to 12 and 14 to has. Saturdays and 18 Sundays from 14 to hs. Library and Historical Archive: Monday through Friday from 10 to 18 hs. Free entry.


San Isidro is home to a historically prominent Jockey Club, that runs San Isidro's world-class


Is in Martínez where the biggest and most important shopping center of Argentina is set: Unicenter Shopping. Beside the clothing, decoration and electronic stores, Unicenter has a magnificent supermarket (Jumbo), a food court and a fourteen-screen cinema complex. Address: Paraná 3745, Martínez. Information: 4733-1111.


CARMELA Dardo Rocha 1810 Phone: 4717-2207/0989/0351 Price by person: from $20 to $30 International Food Hour: Monday to Sunday of 12AM to 3PM and 8PM to midnight The name of the premises is a tribute to an Italian woman who arrived in Argentina and passed on to her children the passion eating quality meals. The menu does not lack variety, combining pastas, grilled meats and birds with different trimmings and international dishes.

KANSAS GRILL Av. Del Libertador 15089, Acassuso Phone: 4747-1030


Apart Hotel - "Posadas San Isidro" Maipú 66 Information and Reservations: 4732-1221/3611.

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