Marfa at dusk

Marfa is a town in the Big Bend Country region of Texas. It's known for two things: innovative art and mysterious lights.

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Coming from the east, Highway 90 makes for an interesting, scenic drive to Marfa. Plan your fuel stops wisely, as it's possible to go almost 200 miles between cities. Highway 90 takes in a couple of all-but-ghost towns along the way, as well as the Trans-Pecos crossing and some breathtaking scenery. Travelers in more of a hurry may prefer to take Interstate 10 to Highway 67 (from the east) or Highway 90 (from the west) straight into Marfa.

The nearest airport is in El Paso, 190 miles west.

Get around

Visitors will need their own transportation to reach most of the sights in Marfa, although many of the art galleries and restaurants are within walking distance of each other on the main drag in town, between the Presidio County Courthouse and the Marfa post office.


Chinati Foundation


Visitors should consider planning their trip when the town is most active - between Wednesday and Saturday, when many local shops, restaurants and attractions are open.

For many visitors, the mysterious Marfa Lights are the main attraction. There is a viewing platform several miles east of the city on Route 67. After dark, the famed lights may appear...or they may not. Theories have been put forward as to their origin, but none have been conclusive; there is no way to predict whether they will appear on any given night. Visitors determined to catch a glimpse of the eerie, dancing orbs may have to set aside a couple of nights and wish for luck.





Stay safe

The crime rate in Marfa is incredibly low compared to other nearby cities and towns. However, visitors are advised to check into their motels before 10PM as the street lights in Marfa turn off at this time, or carry a flashlight or firearm. Once it gets dark, coyotes and pumas come down out of the Davis mountains looking for prey.

Law enforcement is provided by the Presidio County Sheriff's Department and the Texas Highway Patrol, after the disbanding of the Marfa Police Department in 2010.

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