Manzini is the second biggest city in Swaziland and the major business centre.

Get in

By car

The MR3 highway connects Manzini with Mbabane and South Africa, but due to the central position of the city, nearly all roads lead to it.

By plane

Matsapha Airport is situated 1km outside Manzini. Regular flights from there to Johannesburg and Durban in South Africa are available with Airlink Swaziland/South African Airlink.

Get around

One can get around Manzini by bus, kombi (local, 15-passenger minubuses) or taxi. Downtown Manzini is very small and one can walk form one end to the next in 15 minutes. Getting to the residential areas such as Fairview or Ngwane Park is trickier. There are kombis that service these areas but the availability of public transport depends on how rich the neighbourhood is. The richer suburbs have no use for the public transport so it is unlikely that one would find a kombi from the city centre to such areas, it which case it is advisable to take a taxi.

These are relatively cheap for getting around the city. The taxis have no meters and they use fixed prices, so ask the driver before you get a ride how much it will cost, to avoid being swindled.


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