Manchester/Piccadilly-East Centre

Piccadilly-East Centre is the area in Manchester bounded by the A57 (M), Oxford Road, and the A62. It lies within The Historic County Boundaries of Lancashire and is served by Manchester Piccadilly railway station. It contains amongst others, the following neighbourhoods:

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By bus

As Manchester's main bus station (Piccadilly Gardens) is in Piccadilly Gardens, nearly every bus in central Manchester heading into town terminates here.

By car

Piccadilly Gardens is bounded on two sides by Portland Street and Piccadilly.

By tram

Piccadilly Gardens is the penultimate stop on all services heading to Manchester Piccadilly. To the north of the square there is the Market Street station on the line to Bury.

By train

Manchester Picadilly is the main station in the city and is served by services from all over the country. This area is also served by Manchester Oxford Road railway station.


Piccadilly Gardens in the heart of Manchester
The Imperial Chinese Archway in Manchester's Chinatown



Market Street and the Arndale Centre are just off the northern part of Manchester Piccadilly Gardens. Here you will find the usual High Street stores.



In Piccadilly Gardens:

In the Gay Village:



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