Malang is a city in East Java.


Malang is the second largest city in East Java with a rapidly growing population of about 1.2 million.

This is a city of great historical significance. The oldest existing record of Malang as a regency is from the 8th century when it was the seat of government of the ancient Kanjuruhan and Singhasari kingdoms. The city officially became part of the all encompassing Javanese Mataram kingdom in the 17th century which by that time was controlled by the Dutch colonialists. Unsurprisingly given that history, there are several interesting Hindu relics in this area. The city quickly became very popular with the Dutch due to its cool climate, very attractive rural surrounds and easy reach from the main trading port city of Surabaya.

Modern day Malang, although significantly urbanised, has retained much of its historical character, remains vibrant and is regarded as by far the most attractive large city in the East Java region.

Malang Regency is located between two groups of mountains with Mount Semeru, the highest mountain on Java, and Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park to the east. The biggest attraction here must be the beautiful landscape, in addition to which there are some temples not far away.

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By plane

Malang's Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport (MLG) is a small airport with a few flights every day mainly from Jakarta on Garuda Indonesia , Sriwijaya Air , and Citilink . Regional airline Wings Air (subsidiary of Lion Air) also flies to Denpasar, Bali. Prepaid taxi from the airport costs (March 2015) Rp 75,000 to the city center.

Alternatively, Malang can be reached via Surabaya Juanda International Airport (SUB), served by many domestic and international flights. From Surabaya airport, you can reach Malang using a private shuttle service (Rp 80,000-100,000/pax), public transportation (DAMRI airport bus to Bungurasih bus terminal, then an intercity bus to Malang, see the main Surabaya article), or taxi. A 100 km journey will take 2-3 hours or more, depending on traffic and mode chosen.

By car

Malang is about 100 km south of Surabaya; 2-3 hr via the Surabaya-Gempol highway.

By bus

There are frequent bus services into Malang's Arjosari bus station from Bungarasih bus terminal in Surabaya. Non AC from Probolinggo 14,000.

By train

Overnight train services link Jakarta and Bandung to Malang. There are several train services a day from Surabaya. One advantage to arriving in Malang by train is that the station is much more central than the long-distance bus terminals. There is also a train from Malang to Yogyakarta once per day, or you can go via Surabaya.

Get around

Becaks (pedicabs) are a great way to see the city and are easy to find.

Formal and informal taxis are available in the city. The two biggest firms offer telephone advance booking and instant ordering: Argo Perdana. ☎+62 341 49044 and Citra Kendedes ☎ +62 341 490555. The new price of regular taxi after November 2014 petrol increase is first flag fall Rp 6,000 for first one kilometer, Rp 4,350 for every next kilometer and Rp 43,500 for one hour waiting (fractional in one minute) including stuck in traffic jam. While the executive taxi is Rp 9,000, Rp6,650 and Rp 66,500 respectively. Both with minimum payment Rp 30,000, because Malang is a big city with low price, so the argometer maybe stated lower than Rp 30,000.

City mini-vans in Malang, called "mikrolet" or "angkot" by locals, are blue and can be hailed at random. Two- or three- letter acronyms indicate their routes, and journeys are flat-priced at Rp 2,500 for students, indicated by their uniform, and Rp 4,000 for everyone else.

With its relatively cool climate and wide colonial streets, Malang is a good city to walk around.


In a city of such great cultural and historical significance there are lots of cultural attractions and any visitor to Malang should dedicate some time to exploring these.

There are also a number of beautiful sights in the rural areas surrounding the city.

Balekambang Beach, south of Malang
Singosari Temple near Malang


But most people visit Malang as a starting point for a trip to the nearby vulcanos.

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Malang has some large shopping malls but you are better off in Surabaya for those.

Local textiles and handicrafts can be found at Batik Keris, Jl Merdeka Timur 2d.


Eating is a highly rated experience here. Local specialities are best sought out at street stalls and simple warungs and include:


Malang is by no means famous for its nightlife, however there are still some decent bars if you're up for a drink.


Malang offers a full range of accommodation through from simple homestays to star-rated hotels.


There are limited options.




The telephone area code for Malang is 0341

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