Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain is a theme park located in Valencia, California. It opened on Memorial Day 1971 (May 30, 1971). Six Flags Magic Mountain is often called "The Thrill Capital of the World", and rightfully so. The park has 19 roller coasters, more than any other park in the world. The park is also home to the roller coaster "Full Throttle" that has the world's tallest vertical loop at 160 feet (49 m). The park is also home to many rides that previously held world record titles. This includes "Superman: Escape from Krypton" which held the record for the world's tallest roller coaster from its opening in 1997 until 2003 when "Top Thrill Dragster" was opened at Cedar Point in Ohio.

Get in

The park is located off the Magic Mountain Parkway exit from the Interstate 5 in Valencia at 26101 Magic Mountain Parkway. The phone number is +1 661-255-4100.


Get around

Walking is the primary way to get around the park, but wheelchairs and strollers are available. There is a simple trolley that takes visitors to the top of "Samurai Summit" called the Orient Express so you don't have to walk the hill.



Roller Coasters

Six Flags Magic Mountain has more roller coasters than any other park in the world, 18!

Thrill Rides

Family Rides

Kids' Rides


The gift shops and eateries in the park are not cheap! Expect to pay very high prices on trinkets that are "customized" merely with an imprint of the Six Flags moniker.


The quality of the food available at Magic Mountain is comparable to fast food fare, and you can expect to spend $20 for lunch for two not including drinks.


Various alcoholic drinks are sold in the park; ID is required and is often strongly enforced even if you look of age. Outside food and drinks are not allowed; however, most people do not have problems with bringing in a water bottle.


Six Flags Magic Mountain unlike the Disneyland Resort or Disney World does not currently offer on-site hotels, but there are plenty in the immediate surrounding area.

Stay safe

Heat and dehydration can be a problem for some people, mainly during the summer months. Drink lots of water in the park. Pain killers may not be a bad idea as some of the rides can cause headaches for some people, especially if you are not drinking enough water.

You can find a first aid office on the southeast side of the park near the "Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth" ride.

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