Magelang is an administrative and military academy city in among the mountains in the centre of Central Java in Indonesia.

Get in

You can go to Magelang city by plane or train, but Yogyakarta, 36km away, is the nearest city that has an airport and train station. From Yogyakarta, you can go to Magelang by bus or taxi for about RP35,000,- or USD3.50. The trip takes one hour.

Get around

1. by taksi , AFDA TAKSI, basic price RP5,000,- and RP2,500 per km 2. by bus, and mini bus 3. by horse cart 4. by pedicab



Getuk - a sweet delicacy made from cassava and sugar, coloured, steamed and served with grated coconut. The most famous brand is "getuk trio" - so named because it consists of three layers with different colours for each: plain (yellow), pink and chocolate (brown). This is Magelang's signature dish.


Go next

- the Borobudur temple (12 km away)

- Ambarawa

- Yogyakarta

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