Maceió is the capital of Alagoas, in Northeast Brazil.


Maceió has a great coastal ambiance and stands out for its beauty - embedded in palm trees, mangroves and the bright green sea. It also has a remarkable culture, reflected in its arts and crafts, cuisine and customs. Like many places in North-east Brazil, the city has initially thrived on the sugar industry. Nowadays, it has a very good tourist infrastructure with excellent hotels, and has become an important destination for national and international tourists.


Maceió's climate is tropical - hot and humid during most of the year. The best time to go depends on your weather preferences. Summer extends from December through March, when temperatures are very hot. May through September is mildly warm, but rains a lot.

Get in

By air

Maceió's airport is named Zumbi dos Palmares International (IATA: MCZ; Tel. 82 214-4000) receives flights from every large Brazilian city as well as some international flights. There are plenty of taxis at the airport's arrivals area. Some travelers on a tight budget prefer to take the bus to the downtown area, then a cheaper taxi ride to their final destination. A taxi from the airport to Ponta Verde runs around R$35.

Get around


Taxis are everywhere and you'll have no problem finding them. The initial fee is R$3.35, then it depends how far you go.


The bus system is operated by the company "Transporte Tropical", operating in the "Aeroporto - Ponta Verde" line, which connects the airport to Ponta Verde Beach. The current price is R$2.50 for a single trip. There are no transfers though so each bus you take will require you to pay again.


You can rent a car starting at about R$90/day. This is a great way to explore the nearby beaches on a day trip.



Natural Beauty

Approximately 140 km south from Maceió there is a very small town called Piaçabuçu, where you can get on a boat and sail through the São Francisco River and see where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. There are vans that can take you there or you can rent a car. The boat ride costs R$30.00 and is absolutely amazing.


Jatiúca Beach
Pajuçara Beach

Maceió is surrounded by beaches. There is no problem finding a nice beach to relax. You can choose between those with a lot of people or the empty ones.

Urban beaches

North Coast

South Coast

Gunga Beach


Concerts are very common.



There are many, many restaurants to choose from. The restaurants on the beaches alone will be more than enough for your stay. There are many different types of food to choose from. Fish and other seafood, a wide selection of fruits, and authentic Brazilian cuisine are very common. Make sure to try a Tapioca, a pancake made of tapioca flour that can be filled with anything from ham and cheese to chocolate. They are sold all along the beach at lunchtime.





There are plenty of bars all along the beach. An area of Maceió called Jatiuca has a good bar scene. It has two famous places, Skyy nightclub and MaiKai. Another famous nightclub is Middo located in the Pajuçara section of Maceio.





There are many different hotels to choose from in terms of price. There are many large hotels to find tour guides and most of the hotel staff have a good grasp of English and other languages like Italian. Here are just a few:


Temporary apartments are usually the best if your plan to stay more than a week. They are the cheapest and you don't need a lease or pay any utility bills. Many will allow you to stay less than a month. Each temporary apartment is different though. Not all include furniture, a stove, or a refrigerator. Prices can be as low as R$255 per month.

Stay safe

Maceió is one of the most violent cities in Brazil, together with Recife (PE) and Vitória (ES). There are many poor people wandering around on the street and if you stop for a second, either to look at a map or admire the landscape, they will approach you asking for money. In this case you should say no and start walking away from them, they are mostly harmless. There are less people begging for money in Jatiúca and Ponta Verde, but there are so many in Pajuçara that eating a tapioca by the beach can become an annoying activity.

Go next

Maragogi a place with the most beautiful beaches with white sand, palm trees and famous natural swimming pool, 125 km north of Maceio. Tours to the pools (from Maceio) last all day and cost around R$85 per person.

Routes through Maceió

João Pessoa Recife  N  S  Aracaju Vitória

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