Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport

Inside Terminal 4

Madrid-Barajas Airport (IATA: MAD) +34 902 404 704, is the main airport of Madrid. It is an important connection point for flights between Europe and Latin America and home base of Spain's flag carrier Iberia as well as Air Europa.


Barajas is located 13 km from the city center. It is one of the largest airports in Europe and is serviced by many airlines, as well as being the homebase for Iberia Airlines. The airport has 4 terminals, including Terminal 4, a new terminal that has won architectural awards, and might be worth the trip to have a look even if you are not flying.


Barajas is the 5th busiest airport in Europe and there are direct flights to most major airports in Europe and the Americas - actually most airports in former Spanish colonies that can handle intercontinental flights are connected to Madrid. There are some flights from African and Middle Eastern destinations too, and even flights to Beijing, Seoul and Bangkok.


There are four terminals.

Ground transportation

By bus

By far the most convenient way of reaching downtown is a 24-hours express bus service that passes all terminals and then goes direct to O'Donell, Cibeles (20 minutes walk or quick metro ride to Puerta del Sol) and Atocha (main train station, not serviced between 11:30 PM and 6 AM). 5 euros. Departures every 12(day)-35(late night) minutes. Travel time Terminal 4 (end of line) - Cibeles 30–40 minutes.

Public bus 200 operates between the airport and Avenida de América bus station in Madrid. It is only 2.00€ and you can use your weekly ticket or 10-trips ticket.

Public night bus N4 goes from Plaza Cibeles to Barajas district, 400m walk from the terminal through a passageway over the highway. Best to get off at the second-last stop, Avenida Central, and then make a right turn immediately after the bus stop. Go straight on, keep going straight crossing the parking lot, and then you make a left to cross another huge parking lot. After that you see the road and the pedestrian highway overpass. Only 1.50 Euros or the 10-trip ticket is valid as well.

Night Shuttle operates a night bus between the airport and city center for €9.90 per person.

By train or metro

The airport is connected to the city centre by the Cercanías C-1 commuter train. Trains depart from the basement of Terminal T4 every 30 minutes from 05:59 to 22:28, with a fare of €2.60.

  Charmartín rail station (travel time 11 minutes, 2 stops) has long distance connections;   Nuevos Ministerios (travel time 18 minutes, 3 stops) has connections to lines C-3 and C-4 (on platform 8) as well as to the Metro;   Atocha rail station (25 minutes, 5 stops) has long-distance and high-speed rail connections; and   Méndez Álvaro (29 minutes) and   Príncipe Pío (38 minutes) serve as hubs for long-distance buses.

The Metro also runs from the first floor of all terminals to the Nuevos Ministerios station (line 8 pink, from 06:05 to 01:30, to/from the airport €4.50-5.00 depending on zone).

A map of all commuter train and metro connections in the Madrid area is available for download.

By taxi

Taxis from the airport to the city center cost ~€32. There are taxi stands outside all terminals except the satellite terminal T4S.

Get around

By bus

If transferring at Barajas, you may need to plan in some extra time because the terminals are rather spread out. T4 and T4S are located about 4km north of T1, T2, and T3. T4 is connected to T1-3 with a free shuttle busses.

By automatic train

The two buildings of terminal 4 (T4 and T4S) are located about 2km apart. They are connected by an automatic underground train line, an Automatic People Mover (APM). A journey takes approximately 3 min.

Eat and Drink

All terminals are equipped with restaurants and bars.


There are over 100 stores at the airport.


Wi-Fi is available throughout the airport; the first 15 minutes are free of charge, with an email address required for registration.

Spanish pre-paid SIM cards are sold in Crystal Media Shops in Terminals 1, 2, and 4. Free outlets for charging mobile devices are scattered throughout all terminals.



There are no hotels at the airport.


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