Lund Cathedral

Lund, in the southern part of Sweden, is home to the country's second oldest university, which is one of the country's largest. The city also has many high-tech companies.

Get in

Lund is at its fastest 10 minutes by train from Malmö and an 47 mins to/from Copenhagen, including its airport. All trains (pågatåg, öresundståg) stop at Lund, including the X-2000 expresses from Gothenburg and Stockholm. There are also buses from Malmö.

Get around

Lund is certainly small enough to see most of it in an afternoon's walk. You can pick up a city map at the tourist office at Stortorget square (adjacent to the Town Hall).

The local Skånetrafiken buses can get you to most areas of town. The hubs are around the train station, Botulfsplatsen, and the University Hospital (Universitetssjukhuset). Tickets are 17 SEK for as far as you want to go, if you're under 19 it's 10 SEK. If you are traveling as a pair, ask for a Duo ticket to save a few SEK. Note that, as in the rest of Skåne, the busses do not take cash, so you have to buy your ticket in advance! You can do this with an sms (if you have a Swedish sim card) or at the Pressbyrån stores, there are three by the station and one by Botulfsplatsen. The yellow, regional, busses take credit cards.

The best places to catch a cab is by the train station or by Botulfplatsen. Unfortunately you can not rent bikes anymore at the station (state: June, 2012).





Being a university town, Lund has good arts and entertainment for its size.






The nightlife circles a lot around the student nations. You need a student ID and a guestcard to be allowed entry to those.





Stay safe

Risks in Lund

Crime/violence: Low
Drunk people on weekend nights, bouncers in clubs and student nations, bicycle theft
Authorities/corruption: Very Low
Security guards and nightclub/student nation bouncers might be rude and/or violent.
Transportation: Low
Occasional delays in rail traffic
Health: Very Low
No infectious diseases
Nature: Very Low
Risks of natural disasters are virtually nonexistent

Lund is an extremely safe town by international standards and there is no need to avoid certain areas. Even late-night walks through the darkest and most desolate back streets are relatively safe and most local residents walk home at night without any second thought.

On weekend nights, you may encounter rowdy groups of drunk people (mostly students). However, they are seldom violent to third persons unless you engage them.

Other than rampant bicycle theft, crime is virtually non-existent.

The only violence you are likely to encounter is from night club/student nation bouncers, which are notoriously rough.


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