Location of Ludwigsburg in Germany
Ludwigsburg Schloss

Ludwigsburg is a city to the north of Stuttgart in the region of Baden-Württemberg in south Germany.


Ludwigsburg is a town in Baden-Württemberg with around 85,500 residents north of Stuttgart. The town has the districts of Pflugfelden, Eglosheim, Hoheneck, Oßweil, Grünbühl, Neckarweihingen und Poppenweiler. Ludwigsburg is a very young town, in comparison to many other towns in Germany which were founded during the Roman period or earlier.

Ludwigsburg was founded in the baroque period. In 1704 the baron Eberhard Ludwig started building a small palace in the area, and one year later is was named Ludwigsburg palace. In 1709 the first housing around the palace appeared and another year later the construction of the gardens began and the palace was enlarged and completed. In 1718 the area became the new settlement of Ludwigsburg.

It is somewhat unique for having a Catholic and Protestant church opposite each other in the main square, and is home to some large stately homes.

It makes for an easy day trip from Stuttgart.

There is a significant film school, the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg that makes a significant contribution to Germany's film industry and attracts a lot of young people to this town.

Get in

By train

The easiest way into Ludwigsburg is to take a train from Stuttgart to the Ludwigsburg S-Bahn station. This is located near the town center.

There are regional express train connections from Würzburg, Karlsruhe and Heidelberg.

By car

Exit off the A81 south of Heilbronn just north of Stuttgart.

Get around

Public transportation

The Public transportation (VVS) is provided by the S-Bahn and buses and connects Stuttgart and the surrounding areas. For short distances, it is best to use the Bus. For longer distances (to get to Stuttgart) the S-Bahn is faster.

Public transportation late at night (after midnight) is a problem! On the weekend there are night buses, but they are infrequent (1:11am, 2:00 am, 2:22am, 3:10 am and 3:33am) and on odd routes.

By metered taxi

By bike

Ludwigsburg is small enough to get around by bike.


The Monrepos Schloss


See the gorgeous Christmas market around the time of advent: set around the Baroque market square, in the shadow of two churches, bustle alongside locals, passing stalls selling a range of products, from Lebkuchen (festive biscuit hearts displaying messages, some in English) to candles, glassware, art and decorative items before making your way to the food stalls for a warming Bratwurst and Gluhwein (or, for you non-drinkers, a hot chocolate with whipped cream, or hot orange drink) in a special Ludwigsburg mug. Not to be missed!




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