Lower Mesopotamia

Lower Mesopotamia, the Cradle of Civilization stretches south of Iraq's Baghdad Belts to Kuwait, in the Land between the Rivers, the Euphrates and Tigris.


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The entirety of Karbala Province is located here, and is notable as the place of Martyr Imam Husain, where he fought war with Yazid, then Emperor or caliph of muslims, who had support of sunnis, and was thus proclaimed Caliph. The place has the tomb Imam as well as his armies Commander-in-chief and brother Abbas Allambardar. The Imam Husain's army had 96 warriors including women's and children were called Ahlebait. The total deaths in Ahlebait was 72. The place has the tomb of all the martyrs. It is considered a sacred place for Shi'a Muslims.

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