Longmen National Park

Longmen National Park is in Henan Province of China. It's inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Buddhist sculptures in the grottoes

Among Longmen's wealth of world-famous treasures are flying Apsaras as well as fine works of Chinese calligraphy, represented by the 20 Longmen Calligraphic Samples. These are 20 pieces of calligraphy deemed perfect and correct representatives of the time they were created.

Enshrined in a total of 2,100 cave-temples are 3,600 stone inscriptions and over 100,000 large and small Buddhist statues. The 17m high statue of Vairocana in Fengxian Temple is the most representative of the trove.


Construction of Longman Shiku (Dragon Gate Grottoes), one of three major grottoes in China, began in 494, but it was not until the Sui and Tang dynasties that it acquired the scale as we see it today.

Get in

Longmen Caves are located about 13 km southeast from the city of Luoyang.

Opening hours:

March-Oct: 7:30AM-7:50PM Nov-Feb: 7:30AM- 6:50PM

Bus route 81 (Y1.50) from East side of Luoyang train station. Journey lasts 50 min.

Last bus back to Luoyang is at 8:50PM.

Alternatively, one can take a taxi.


Admission charges: Y120


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