Long Island (Andamans)

Long Island is a small island in the Andaman Islands of India.


Long Island has very little infrastructure. There is one small village, and only 1 government rest house that must be booked through Port Blair. However, there is a wonderful hotel (eco huts) run by very hospitable people called the Blue Planet. The rates for the eco-huts are reasonable and the food is quite good. They can also make arrangements for visits to nearby islands through dongis (small motorised catamarans)


The village is spread out on the western side of the island within a good walking distance of the boat jetty, and you have to walk: there are no cars or rickshaws, only narrow concreted paths if you are lucky. Much of the island is forested and unexplored, and not even mapped: even the police do not have an accurate map of the island!


As in the rest of the Andaman Islands, the climate is a fairly steady 27-32C throughout the year, with a good chance of torrential monsoon rain between May and September. The main tourist season starts in October and goes through to March/April. Long Island is sheltered on the western side by other islands and the village was not too badly affected by the tsunami. Lalaji Bay is more exposed.

Get in

The permit you receive on arrival in Port Blair is good for Long Island. The officer in charge on the Island will gently remind you to register as you walk to the Blue Planet resort. You do not need to check out when you leave the Island.

Get around

Getting around is limited to the village near the Jetty, a walk on the beach or a trek to Lalaji Bay. Only a few motorised vehicles circulate so you'll have to use your feet like everyone does here. A walk with luggages from the Jetty to the resort can be long, but you may ask for a ride if you see a motorcycle. You may want to take a boat to the beach (beware that the boat owner(s) don't do trips in the dark.

If you want to cross the Island to go to Lalaji Bay, you absolutely need an additional permit (Forest permit) delivered by the Forest Office near the Jetty. This office is closed on Sundays, so have you permit ready in advance. The Blue Planet manager will be happy to help you with it.

See & Do

There are two reasons to come to Long Island:


You can buy all the basics in the village shops. Definitely no souvenir shops!

Eat & Drink

It's theoretically impossible to find alcohol on this island, but a few road booths will be happy to hand you a couple of beers under the table. As for food, options are limited:



There is one government resthouse close to the boat jetty with only two rooms: you must book in advance with A&N Tourism, in reality it is often occupied by government officials.


Camping is illegal on public land and on beaches anywhere in Andamans, and can only be done if it is arranged through a guest house where you have registered. Check with the local Forest Office in case there has been any change in the rules.

Go next

You can walk to Lalaji Bay in 1 or 2 hours or you can hire a local boat. Or you can go by boat to a deserted island. The trip to North Passage Island is well worthwhile: the beach is beautiful and deserted and you are very likely to see dolphins on the way to or from.

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