Long Beach (New York)

Long Beach is a city in Nassau County, on an island across from Long Island, New York.


Long Beach is a suburban community set on a barrier island in the Atlantic Ocean (not surprisingly, called Long Beach Barrier Island), across from Long Island. It can be visited as a day trip from New York City, which is about 50 minutes away via the Long Island Rail Road; for those who prefer to stay longer, there are hotels near the beach. There are plenty of restaurants and bars in town, but for visitors, it's mostly really about the long sand beaches.

This small city was founded in the 1880s and started out as a vacation community where visitors crowded for some sea and surf. Through the 1940s, Long Beach was a glamorous resort town that attracted celebrities and other wealthy visitors, but a decline that began with the advent of affordable air travel led to the city developing a reputation for crime and decay by the 1970s. In the 21st century, however, Long Beach is once again a desirable destination. Long Island residents returned first, followed by Manhattanites looking for a quick, easy and affordable beach getaway, and now, for the first time in decades, hotels have begun to operate within the city limits.

In 2012 the area was devastated by Hurricane Sandy, with many homes and businesses flooded and the city's beloved boardwalk destroyed. Long Beach proved to have both the will and the resources to rebuild, and today the city is emerging even better than before the storm, with few obvious signs remaining of such a terrible event so recently in the past. In October 2013, just a year after Sandy, workers laid the last plank on the reconstructed boardwalk. Today homes are being repaired and rebuilt and shops, restaurants and bars continue to reopen; many new businesses, often catering to a younger, more-cosmopolitan clientele, are replacing those that unfortunately could not return.

Get in

Long Beach bus leaving the railroad station

By plane

By train

By car

By bus

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On foot

Long Beach is a great walking town; there are tons of restaurants and shops within walking distance of the beach and boardwalk.

By car

You can drive through Long Beach and there are various parking lots and parking meters located throughout town. Note: parking tends to be packed during the weekends and especially during the summertime so go early for a prime spot.

By bicycle

A great way to get around town. There are tons of bike shops where you can rent bikes hourly or for the day. Two option are:

Buddy's Bikes Etc., 907 W Beech S, (516) 431-0804

Long Beach Bicycle, 755 East Park Ave, (516)432-9632

By bus

Nassau Inter-county Express's Route 33 (Phone: +1 516-336-6600) runs between Far Rockaway and Long Beach LIRR stations via Beech Street and West Park Avenue.


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There are many great restaurants in Long Beach. Since it is a laid-back beach community there are ton of bars and grilles that offer everything from delicious home-caught seafood to typical American cuisine like burgers and steaks. What ever you crave, a restaurant in LB will play into your taste buds.



Sunset on the beach

Stay safe

Like other towns on barrier islands, Long Beach is very susceptible to flooding from high surf and wind. During Hurricane Sandy, ocean waves rolled over Long Beach Island into the channel beyond, on their way to hitting Long Island, leaving severe damage in their wake. If there is a warning of a severe storm, reconsider visiting, and if the area has recently been hit hard by a storm, check conditions before coming.

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