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The Tower, a favourite for children.


Backpacks with fun and educational activities for children of all ages, audio guides with walking tours specially designed for children, and guided tours for kids are some of the highlights for kids in the various museums of London. Because most of these museums are free and have walk-in access with no let or hindrance it is easy to spend an hour (the limit for most children) without worrying about making full use of your money. Note that the family activities at most museums are geared for Londoners and are mostly available on Sundays and during school holidays, so call the museum or check on-line before you go. Backpacks are usually available every day. Museums with special programs for children include:

War museums

For older children these museums telling the story of Britain at war can prove to be insightful.

Science and nature museums

Victorian London was a hotbed of science and technological development and, along with excellent museums, there are many interesting smaller museums that kids may find interesting.

Other activities

One of the residents at London Zoo, Regents Park


London used to be famous for quirky, independent toy stores. Unfortunately few of these survive today. However, there is still good shopping to be had:


Many London restaurants have special menus for children. While the fare is not always healthy, the portions are smaller and cheaper and are useful for saving some money. London restaurants are expensive, so do ask for a children's menu.

Picnic food

Nothing can be better than a picnic in one of London's many parks on a fine summer day! To make up a basket, look for cheap and serviceable sandwiches, etc. at the various Tesco Express stores dotted over the city or, for more gourmet fixings, visit a Waitrose store or a Simply Food (Marks and Spencers) store.


London has a massive array of hotels across most of the city. These range from independent to chain and from cheap to luxurious.

If you have older children and are willing to use public transport then it is well worth considering hotels that are out of the city centre. These hotels are always cheaper and with London's excellent public transport you could be in central London in as little as 20 minutes.

A few chains to consider are:

Stay safe

Londoners and their city are on the whole pretty safe, although here are some things children or their parents may not enjoy:

Go next

Theme Parks

London's huge population needs to relax sometime and various theme parks have set up to let people unwind - there are numerous smaller ones, but the below are "the big three". Please note that the parks close for winter and then re-open in March:

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