Lonar is a small town in Buldhana district of Maharashtra close to Aurangabad. Its claim to fame is a lake in a crater that formed when a meteorite hit some 50,000 years ago.

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Aurangabad is the closest city, approximately 160 km away. The only way to come to Lonar is by road via Jalna.

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On foot

Lonar is a small town so most of the places are within walkable distances.

By car

A hired car is arguably the best option to move around the city, and there are many car hire companies in Lonar.

By bus

There is also a Lonar Darshan bus every day which shows you around the important tourist attractions in Lonar; otherwise, regional public transport service is also quite nice. Get the ticket for Lonar Darshan bus a day in advance to avoid inconvenience.


Lonar is the pre-historic site of a meteor which crashed on earth some 50,000 years ago and formed a large crater (few hundred meters in diameter) in the ground. Though there are other impact craters in the world but this one is the only in basalt rocks. The pH value of water in the lake which has formed in the crater is 10.7 which points to its alkaline nature. There are no living organisms in the lake and even trees whose roots get into the lake water die. This site is must visit for scientifically inclined and for others just for curiosity sake. The lake is beautiful and its first look will surely take your breath away. It is best enjoyed before sunset. One could go down up to water level and experience the water which is harmful. There is also a temple of Kamalja Devi at the edge of lake. Apart from lake one could visit Daityasudan Surya temple which is a small ruin of Khajuraho like temple. Gaimukh is a perennial source of fresh water with some masonry work done by Peshwas to channelize the water. Motha Maruti is a Hanuman temple built around a magnetic rock supposedly formed from meteor effect. One could visit the retired principal of the local school who accompanied various scientific expeditions in the region, including the one by NASA and has some research material with rock samples. There is an MTDC (Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation) resort near the crater and one could stay there for its absolute peaceful surroundings.



There is a restaurant called gulmohar 10 minutes walking distance from the MTDC resort where you can get hygienic and delicious food for all the 3 times.


MTDC resort, which is just in front of the crater/lake, is excellent. It's a 20-minute (rickshaw ₹30) from the bus stand. Mantha rd. ☎ +91 8806363498 Manager: Dilip D. Rathod, e-mail: rathod.dilip95@gmail.com Tourist complex owned by the Maharashtra State. Big restaurant, dormitories and several rooms in a big complex. There are two dormitories with 8 beds each, TV, no shower ₹250 (march 2015)

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