Loma Plata

Loma Plata is a Mennonite colony in the Chaco region of Paraguay. It is a place different from main Paraguay on one hand due to the remote location and harsh environment, on the other hand there is a majority of people of German origin that came by the way of Canada. The first people arrived in the 1920s and the town was finally founded in 1927. Their economic basis is agriculture in particular cattle farming. They still speak German (Plattdeutsch) but Spanish as readily. The Chortitzer Cooperative is responsible for many aspects of life in the colony.

Most businesses are closed during lunchtime from 12:00 to 14:00, as well as on Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

Get in

Buses terminate at the NASA office on Avenida Central.

Get around

The town is of a size that is manageable by foot. If you are lucky you might come across a taxi. Local public transport is non-existent.

The main road is called Avenida Central and most of the things relevant for the tourist are on this street between the two roundabouts or close-by.



The main supermarket selling among others local produced - Chortitzer - products is on Avenida Central


There are not many options for eating out. Your hotel may be able to serve some food as well.


Go next

There is a travel agency on Avenida Central that can offer trips

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